Early Bird Special Offer for 2022 CCBA Memberships

To get the early bird special, a new or returning members must complete the web form at https://clarkcountybar.org/2022-ccba-membership-form/ before Thursday, October 21, 2021—updated to 11/1/2021—, to receive a link to download the recorded program Ethics Unbound & Unmasked offering 2.0 ethics CLE credits to Nevada lawyers.

We are now accepting applications and renewals for the 2022 CCBA membership year.

Please complete our web form to join the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) or to renew a CCBA membership for the 2022 membership year at https://clarkcountybar.org/2022-ccba-membership-form/.

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This online process is designed to reduce costs necessary to print and mail paper invoices. Those who do not renew online will not be eligible for the early bird offer. We will mail renewal notices to current members who do not renew online by October 21, 2021.

New members will benefit by getting the remainder of the 2021 CCBA membership year at no additional cost!

Get the Early Bird Special!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: CCBA members are invited to renew their CCBA membership for 2022 before 10/21/2021—updated to 11/1/2021—to receive a link to download the video recording of a program* offering 2 Ethics CLE credits for Nevada lawyers compliments of the CCBA. The CLE program provided as part of the early bird special offer is “Ethics Unbound and Unmasked”. Each member who takes advantage of this special offer will be sent an email with the link to the FREE CLE program within a 2-3 business days of the CCBA’s receipt of payment. See below for more information about the CLE program.

About the CLE program

Ethics Unbound & Unmasked

  • Topics:
    1. Some things are not going away after the shots: Issues relating to practicing remotely/virtually.
      a. Working remotely from a jurisdiction where you are not licensed.
      b. Myriad issues in virtual practice.
    2. Some things stay the same: Stop making stupid threats.
    3. Some statutes, like NRS 7.095, cannot be waived.
    4. Some (jointly represented) clients should be declined.
    5. Some people just can’t be trusted: Be careful when outsourcing work.
    6. Say, this looks familiar: A few (hopefully original) words about plagiarism and its consequences.
    7. And you look familiar, too: How close is “too close” to opposing counsel?
    8. Responding to negative on-line reviews: Some things, at least for now, should be left unsaid.
    9. Obligations to prospective clients: Watch out for RPC 1.18.
    10. Lawyer mobility: I’ll keep talking about this topic until everyone gets it. For now, I’m clearing my throat.
    11. Dealing with pro se litigants: That’s correct; I’m not returning your calls.
    12. Other stuff if we have time.
  • Recorded: 6/18/2021
  • Format: Video recording
  • Delivery: Email with hyperlinks to stream or download program and supporting material. Also, active members may login to website to access downloads.
  • Offers: 2.0 Ethics CLE hours (NV)
  • Bonus: The Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) reports attendance by Nevada lawyers who have registered for and completed CCBA’s CLE programs to the Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education at no extra charge. It is the program attendees’ responsibility to report their completion of each program to the CCBA.

*Remember, if the member has attended the live seminar or previously rented or purchased this title then the CLE credit will not be awarded again. In that case, we may be able to offer an alternative title to fulfill the early bird special.