Judicial Candidate 2020: Adriana Rincon White

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About the candidate:

Adriana currently serves as a Hearing Master in Dependency Court, a position she was appointed to in 2018 by Chief Judge Linda Bell.  After a rigorous and highly competitive process which began with an application pool of over 35 attorneys, over one half of Family Court Judges recommended Adriana’s appointment to the bench.

In her current position, Adriana presides over matters involving the Abuse and Neglect of Children from the time of removal until reunification, termination of parental rights, or other permanency is achieved. Since her appointment, Adriana has demonstrated she is compassionate while still able to make sound decisions aligned with the law, facts of a case, and the best interest of children.  She is also effective in running a courtroom and managing a heavy court docket.

Adriana also served as Pro Tem Hearing Master deciding child support matters, a position she held from 2014 until her full-time appointment in 2018.  Prior to that, she worked with students from Cheyenne High School; John C Fremont Middle School; and Swainston Middle School in Truancy Diversion Court.

While in private practice, Adriana practiced exclusively in Family Law and over the course of her career represented 1000s of clients in simple to complex matters.

With over 6 years of judicial experience, Adriana undoubtedly is the most qualified candidate in her race.

Adriana speaks Spanish fluently and takes great pride in serving her community in various charitable groups she is involved with.  Adriana is married to Gary, a High School Teacher and member of the UNLV Baseball Hall of Fame.  Together they have two children and in their spare time they enjoy making memories together.

In November, VOTE Adriana Rincon White, for Family Court Judge, Department W.

Adriana Rincon White

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