Judicial Candidate 2020: Bita Yeager

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My slogan is “Community-minded, justice driven” because it best describes me. I have learned in my 25 years as an attorney that it takes people stepping up to do the work to make positive changes to our justice system.  After a judicial clerkship, I started my career in the Clark County Public Defender’s Office. During my almost 19 years as a public defender, I represented over six thousand clients, tried over 50 jury trials, and was promoted to team chief.

I have gone the extra mile to create programs and services to improve access to justice, including founding both North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Community Courts and creating a record sealing class.

In 2015 I was appointed to serve as a Judge in Las Vegas Justice Court.  For two years, I handled a high-volume civil calendar, including civil disputes under ten thousand dollars and evictions. 

In 2017 I was selected to serve as the first specialty court hearing master in the EJDC.  I created a Co-Occurring Disorders Court, added evidence-based practices to Mental Health Court, and made changes to our Civil Commitment Court to ensure due process for community members in a mental health crisis.  I serve on a statewide mental health committee and am an adjunct professor at Boyd Law School.

The positive impact that I see in our community through my hard work has been incredibly rewarding. I believe that I can do more as a District Court Judge.  I bring integrity, compassion, judicial experience, and experience in both civil and criminal law to the bench.  What sets me apart, however, is the work I have done in our community to improve our court system and make our communities safer.  This is why I am running, and why I am asking for your vote in November. 

Bita Yeager

For more information about Judicial Candidate Profiles, see https://clarkcountybar.org/judicial-candidate-profiles/judicial-candidate-profiles-2020-offer/.

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