Lawyers Pledge of Professionalism

Adopted by the Clark County Bar Association

Adopted by the Clark County Bar Association

In my role as a counselor, advocate, and officer of the court, I aspire to a standard of conduct that warrants the term “professional.” I seek to earn a reputation for honor, trustworthiness, and professionalism among my clients, the legal community, and the community at large. As a lawyer dedicated to the professional and ethical practice of law, I will conduct myself in accordance with the following Pledge of Professionalism:

I. To a Client, a lawyer owes undivided allegiance, the full application of the lawyer’s abilities, and the employment of all appropriate legal means to protect the client’s legitimate rights.

  • I will achieve my client’s lawful objectives as expeditiously and economically as possible, and I will advise my client against pursuing any matter that is without merit;
  • I will counsel my client with respect to mediation, arbitration, and other alternative methods of resolving disputes;
  • I will counsel my client that a willingness to engage in settlement discussions is consistent with effective representation;
  • I will advise my client that civility and courtesy are expected of all participants in the legal system, and that such qualities are not a sign of weakness; and
  • I will not permit my commitment to my client’s cause to interfere with my ability to provide my client with objective advice.

II. To other Counsel, their Clients, and Office Staff, a lawyer owes courtesy, candor, and cooperation in all respects not inconsistent with his or her client’s interest, and scrupulous observance of all mutual agreements and understandings.

  • I will be courteous and civil to other counsel, their clients and office staff, and my word is my bond;
  • I will agree to reasonable requests for extensions of time and for waiver of procedural formalities when the legitimate substantive interests of my client will not be adversely affected;
  • I will cooperate with other counsel when scheduling depositions and meetings;
  • I will refrain from using litigation, delaying tactics, abusive discovery, or any other conduct to harass another party;
  • I will serve motions and pleadings in a timely manner to allow the other party a fair opportunity to respond;
  • I will concentrate on matters of substance and content, and not quarrel over matters of form; and
  • I will identify for other counsel or parties all changes I make in documents submitted to me.

III. To the Court and Other Tribunals, a lawyer owes respect, diligence, candor, and punctuality.

  • I will conduct myself in a professional manner and demonstrate respect for the court, other tribunals, and the law;
  • I will always be candid with the court and other tribunals;
  • I will be punctual in attending all matters before the court and other tribunals;
  • I will communicate with other counsel in an effort to resolve disputes;
  • I will refrain from filing frivolous pleadings, papers, or motions, and will voluntarily withdraw claims or defenses when it becomes apparent they do not have merit;
  • I will make every effort to agree with other counsel as early as possible on the voluntary exchange of information and a plan for discovery; and
  • I will advise my clients of the behavior expected of them before the court and other tribunals.

IV. To the Public, a lawyer owes the highest degree of professionalism.

  • I will conduct myself in a manner that will encourage trust of the legal profession by members of the public;
  • I recognize and will abide by the principle that the legal profession is devoted to public service, improvement of the administration of justice, and the uncompensated assistance to persons who cannot afford representation;
  • I will treat my office staff with courtesy and respect, and will encourage them to treat others in the same manner; and
  • I recognize my conduct is governed by standards of fundamental decency and courtesy, in addition to the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct.