Aviators Baseball Special Offer

Learn about special offers from the Las Vegas Avaitors.

The Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) holds a limited number of tickets (four) to select home games for the 2021 Las Vegas Aviators season schedule. CCBA is pleased to offer use of our available tickets to current and paid CCBA members on a first come, first served basis.

The CCBA has four tickets to games on these days:

  • Update: Dates from 2021 schedule are no longer available.

Members may request use:

To request use of the CCBA tickets, CCBA members may submit a request, via email to DonnaW@clarkcountybar.org, with the following information:

  • CCBA member name
  • Email address
  • Choice of home game day


  • Use of tickets are restricted to paid CCBA members. CCBA’s tickets are not available for use by persons with a free membership type (e.g. law student members). Participating members may only use CCBA’s tickets once per season.
  • Available tickets will be provided electronically via a transfer from our account to the CCBA member’s account via the Las Vegas Ballpark Account Manager. Participating CCBA members will need to access tickets on the Summerlin App and login to your Las Vegas Ballpark account. If you have an account set up with the Las Vegas Ballpark Account Manager, access tickets at account at www.aviatorslv.com/myaccount. For more information about accessing tickets, see digital guide at https://www.milb.com/las-vegas/tickets/digitalticketguide.

For more information, contact Donna at Clark County Bar Association, 717 S. 8th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101. Phone: (702) 387-6011.