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Communiqué is the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA). This printed magazine features practical legal articles, updates on practice and procedure in local, state, and federal courts, and news and announcements about bar events and services.


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About COMMUNIQUÉ Magazine

Publication & Format

11 times each year with one issue published each month except for July by the CCBA, 717 S. Eighth Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101. Magazine trim size: 8 1/2” width by 11” height and saddle-stitched. Paper: 70 lb. gloss book. Materials and format are subject to change without notice.


Communiqué is mailed to members of the Clark County Bar Association. Circulation of an issue will vary depending on membership at the time of mailing. Communiqué is also mailed to select libraries and subscribers. Communiqué is also posted to our website to be viewed in PDF format.

Editorial Calendar

Cover DateTopic of ArticlesSpace ReservationsClosing Date
January 2022Five Things11/2/202112/1/2021
February 2022Employment Law12/1/20211/7/2022
March 2022Educational Law1/7/20222/1/2022
April 2022Environmental Health2/1/20223/1/2022
May 2022Discovery3/1/20224/1/2022
June/July 2022Ethics4/1/20225/3/2022
August 2022Litigation6/1/20227/1/2022
September 2022Election Law7/1/20228/1/2022
October 2022Cyber Law8/1/20229/1/2022
November 2022Family Law9/1/20229/23/2022
December 2022Pro Bono10/4/202211/1/2022
*The combined June/July issue will be released in June. The editorial calendars, schedules, editorial policies, and writer’s guidelines for the Communiqué are subject to change without notice.

Editorial content

Each issue maintains an editorial focus with practical legal articles and features for Nevada attorneys, judges, and their staff. Content must be on topic and original, unpublished works written by the attorney(s) listed in the byline and specifically for publication in the Communiqué.

Proposals of content

Attorney members of the CCBA are encouraged to contribute original content for publication. Proposals should include the following information:

  1. Topic and summary paragraph providing the focus and scope for content (including relevant rules/statutes/procedures, etc.)
  2. Author(s) name(s), Nevada bar number(s), short biographical statement; and
  3. Proposed issue for publication—See editorial calendar.

Proposals should be submitted several months in advance of the desired issue for publication. Proposals should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief c/o Proposals will be forwarded to members of the editorial board for review.

The Editor-In-Chief, in conjunction with the CCBA Publications Committee and the editorial board, reserves the right to edit or to reject articles submitted, and to decide when or if they will publish the article. The editorial board reserves the right to edit for style, content, continuity, and length. The CCBA Publications Committee and the editorial board will not consider for publication unsolicited articles from merchants who are not members or supporters of CCBA through sponsorship or advertising. If a specific need arises for a merchant-authored article or feature, the CCBA Publications Committee shall attempt to secure an author from the list of CCBA merchant members and/or those companies who currently support the CCBA through sponsorship and/or advertising. The CCBA Publications Committee gives priority to articles and content submitted by active CCBA members.

All proposals submitted will be considered for publication. However, Communiqué will not publish self-serving content promoting a specific named product or services of an individual or firm.

All authors must follow the guidelines for composition and submission of content as noted in the Communiqué Editorial Policy and Guidelines.

Advertising content

Communiqué accepts paid advertising from a wide variety of vendors. The publisher reserves the right to reject any content it deems inappropriate for the publication for any reason. Publication of any advertisement should not be deemed an endorsement of the product advertised. All advertisers must adhere to size specification, standards and policies contained on the publication’s official rate card. See

For more information about our publication’s editorial calendar, deadlines, editorial policy, author guidelines, ad rates ad specifications, and deadlines, contact the publisher at Clark County Bar Association, 717 S. 8th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101. Phone: (702) 387-6011.