All Night Long!

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” Read the CCBA President’s Message by Brandon Kemble…

By Brandon Kemble, Esq.

Time flies when you’re having fun. And this year has indeed flown by.

I, like many presidents of many organizations, came into office with a bold vision for the CCBA. I leave with much undone but happy with my time at the helm. My biggest regret was not finding my way onto the cover of every edition of the Communiqué . If you share in my disappointment, please send an email to the editorial board with a cc to Stephanie Abbott.

I have not often been described as modest or humble. That is likely because I am not. But even I am humbled to add my name to the list of past presidents of the CCBA. The Clark County bar is unique, and amazing, and has a rich history. You may not recall the list of past presidents, but the story of our bar can be told simply by reviewing the list of past CCBA presidents and recalling a personal or secondhand story you have heard about them. They are judges, legal legends, trailblazers, change makers, and pioneers and pillars of our legal community. See for yourself: https://clarkcountybar.org/about/past-presidents/.

As humble as I am not, I know my star won’t shine as bright as many of those on the list. But I do hope that the message I tried to spread this year won’t fade fast. I’ve written about it, I’ve talked about it, and I believe in it – the Clark County Bar is the fun bar. It is important for the lawyers of this bar to have fun together, and it was especially important over the last few years to reconnect with that special element of our bar.

And we got back to having fun this year. We lunched together. We learned together. We mixed together. We bar-crawled together. We walked together. We served together. We toasted together. We rocked out together. We did indeed have a lot of fun together. I know my friends on the CCBA board are going to keep the good times rolling, and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Thank you all for having fun with me this year. I leave you with better words than my own to say farewell. You can laugh with me, or at me, or roll your eyes for my selection, but please have fun doing it.

Well, my friends, the time has come
To raise the roof and have some fun
Throw away the work to be done
Let the music play on
(Play on, play on)

Everybody sing, everybody dance
Lose yourself in wild romance
We’re going to party
Karamu, fiesta, forever
Come on and sing along!

We’re going to party
Karamu, fiesta, forever
Come on and sing along!

All night long.

Lionel Richie

About the author

Brandon Kemble is an Assistant City Attorney in the Civil Division with the City of Henderson. Brandon handles litigation for the City and provides legal advice and legislative support for various City departments. Brandon serves as the CCBA President through December 2023.

About the article

This article was originally published in the Communiqué (Dec. 2023), the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association. See https://clarkcountybar.org/about/member-benefits/communique-2023/communique-december-2023/


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