CCBA Health Plans from Prominence

Learn about one of the member benefits available to current members of the Clark County Bar Association.

Learn about one of the member benefits available to current members of the Clark County Bar Association.

Association Health Plans from Prominence

Providing quality health insurance is one of the best ways to attract and retain great employees.

Now members of our Clark County Bar Association can do that at an even better cost. The Clark County Bar Association Health Plans from Prominence have been designed exclusively for our organization membership. Legal practices with 2 – 50 employees can benefit from collective buying power, accessing the comprehensive health benefits and affordable premium rates typically offered to large employers.

With a CCBA Association Health Insurance Plan you can:

  • ACCESS the region’s most loved doctors
  • ENROLL at any time regardless of any current health coverage – you don’t have to wait for your traditional renewal period
  • SAVE up to 30% in premium costs compared to other options
  • SHARE those savings with employees at your practice!

Customized Plan Designs Offering Employee Choice

There are SEVEN different health plan options are available that were carefully designed with our industry and membership in mind. Practices can offer up to THREE different health plans, so employees have a choice when it comes to what is best for them.

Association Health Plan Highlights:

  • Certain health plans include access to a national network for those employees who live, work or travel out-of-state.
  • All plans are open access, meaning you don’t need a referral to see a specialist.
  • All plans offer a $0 Teladoc telemedicine copay benefit for both medical and behavioral health.
  • The Prominence Provider Network includes many notable and board-certified physicians across the state, offering members excellent access to quality medical care.
  • Access to the wellPORTAL Primary Care Provider Network where members can earn up to $120 in the first year for getting the care they need from the region’s top doctors.

No Cost COBRA Administration

Prominence has partnered with Cobra Control Services (CCS) to provide hassle-free, COBRA administration for your company. Prominence will cover the costs for employee and dependent notifications that require COBRA Qualifying Event Notices. Learn more here >

To Contact Prominence: Visit and complete a short form or email Prominence at

To Request a Quote: For a health insurance quote for you and your law firm staff, email

To compare plan designs, refer to the benefit guide. Download the benefit guide (PDF):

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