2023 CCBA Executive Board of Directors Election Information – Amended 12/1/2022

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) will hold the election for the 2023 CCBA Executive Board of Directors on the same day of the CCBA’s 40 Year Club Luncheon & Annual Meeting.

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) will hold the election for the 2023 CCBA Executive Board of Directors on the same day of the CCBA’s 40 Year Club Luncheon & Annual Meeting. This year’s ballot includes one uncontested race and one contested race.  The uncontested race features two incumbents running to retain their seats on the board. The contested race features four nominees vying for one open position on the board. The open position was created from the appointment of a current director to serve as secretary/treasurer for the organization next year. See below for more information about the election day, polling, absentee ballots, the candidates, and additional members of the CCBA’s Executive Board of Directors.

Voter information

Voters must be an active CCBA member in good standing of the State Bar of Nevada who reside in or who practice law or are a member of the judiciary in Clark County, Nevada. CCBA member information will be verified. If information provided is not a match to an active CCBA member, the vote will not count.

Ballot and polling information

Ballots may be cast electronically by visiting https://clarkcountybar.org/2023-ccba-executive-board-ballot/ on December 8, 2022.

Absentee ballot information

Active members who cannot cast their ballot on December 8, may complete an absentee ballot declaration and a ballot electronically (using the same link listed above) prior to the date of the Clark County Bar Luncheon and Annual Meeting to Clark County Bar Association.

Candidates (terms to expire 12/31/2024)

Vote for any (one or more) to retain their current seat:

  • Heather Anderson-Fintak* of Southern Nevada Health District
  • Paul Lal* of NV Energy

Candidate (term to expire 12/31/2024)

Vote for only one to fill one vacant seat:

  • Amanda Brookhyser of Zumpano Patricios Popok & Helsten
  • Joshua Dresslove of Dresslove Law
  • Christena Georgas-Burns of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
  • Kathia Quiros of GWP Immigration Law LLP

Statements from nominees in contested race:

  • Amanda Brookhyser, NV Bar #11526: Fellow Members: My name is Amanda Brookhyser, and I would appreciate your vote to serve on the 2023 CCBA Executive Board.  I have been a member of the CCBA since 2020 and have greatly enjoyed serving on the Community Service Committee as well as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.  I have also enjoyed attending some of the excellent CCBA events and hope to meet more of you at them in the future.  I am a native Las Vegan and have lived here my entire life, save for attending college in Reno and law school in Des Moines, Iowa.  I have been licensed and practicing in Nevada since 2009.  Currently, I am the Managing Partner of the Las Vegas office of Zumpano Patricios Popok & Helsten. We focus on various areas of civil litigation including business/commercial, healthcare, gaming, and employment.  Our office opened in Las Vegas in 2021 and I have really enjoyed growing and managing it.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, spending time with our two dogs (Roxy and Asher) and cheering on our Vegas Golden Knights and Las Vegas Aces!  I think I will bring a mindset of collegiality and creativity to the Board and am prepared to focus on doing whatever is necessary to keep the CCBA strong and effective for us Members.  I appreciate your consideration and hope that I can earn your vote. Thank you. AJB.
  • Joshua Dresslove, NV Bar #15535: Hello, My name is Joshua Dresslove and I’m running for a seat on the CCBA Executive Board. I’m new to Las Vegas, having moved here in 2020. Like many others here, I’m originally from California where I received my JD from the University of La Verne in 2007, however I ended up waiting to take the Bar until 2020. Amid all the chaos that was the Covid Bar Exam, I was able to take and pass both California and Nevada Bars as they were being offered just a few weeks apart. I moved to Las Vegas shortly thereafter. I joined the CCBA soon after arriving here. The CCBA has proven a wonderful way for me to meet other lawyers in the valley, make associations, and develop friendships that have already made Las Vegas feel like home. I had the opportunity to join the CCBA’s New Lawyer Committee in 2021 and am currently co-chair of that committee. Through the New Lawyers Committee, I’ve had the chance to help develop and participate in events such as the Pub Crawl, After Bar Mixer, Mock Trial, and Holiday Mixer, amongst many others. CCBA members have also introduced me to Legal Aid where I’ve participated in many Pro-Bono Ask a Lawyer sessions and programs. My practice primarily centers around Bankruptcy and Real Estate procedure and litigation, Estate Planning and Probate. I would be honored for the opportunity to sit on the Executive Board and give back to the CCBA and its members.
  • Christena Georgas-Burns, NV Bar #14314C: I would like to serve on the CCBA Executive Board because I believe the CCBA does incredible work in our community. From the start, I have been impressed by how active the CCBA is, how committed the CCBA is to the well-being of the legal professionals and future lawyers in Southern Nevada, and how genuine the members and staff are. I am currently the Co-Chair of the New Lawyers Committee. In this role, I help plan social mixers and the annual Pub Crawl, as well as represent the CCBA at Boyd Law 1L Orientation, swearing-in ceremonies, and law school competitions. Outside of the CCBA, I am the Deputy Director of Pro Bono at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. I work with pro bono attorneys to provide legal services to low-income Nevadans and assist attorneys in their pro bono work through CLE programming and other supporting activities. This often includes collaborating with the CCBA. I have contributed to the Communique publication and work to ensure Legal Aid Center is present at CCBA events and volunteer opportunities. If chosen to be on the CCBA Executive Board, I will use my knowledge gained from my experience in legal aid to serve our broader community and the connections I have developed practicing, as well as my event planning skills, to further the CCBA’s commitment to providing a meaningful, professional, and collegial experience for attorneys in Clark County and serve the broader community. Thank you for your consideration!
  • Kathia Quiros, NV Bar #8874: My name is Kathia Quiros Medina and I am asking for your vote to serve as a member of the Executive Board at the CCBA. I am an immigration lawyer serving the Las Vegas immigrant community since 2014 and look forward to the opportunity to serve my colleagues as a CCBA Executive Board member. I am originally from Peru and moved to Las Vegas at the age of 23.  I have degrees in dentistry, journalism and law. I also have a very extensive background as an entrepreneur and my experience concentrates in the food, education, tax and legal businesses. I attended the UNLV- Boyd school of law and was a proud member of the first immigration clinic at Boyd. I fell in love with helping immigrants and decided to open my own practice. Today I am the founding partner of GWP Immigration Law, a national firm dedicated to help immigrants around the United States. Aside from private practice, I am pro bono counsel for the following organizations: The Immigrant Home Foundation, The Mexican Consulate, The Citizenship Project and The African Community Center. The need of our community is great but the commitment of service of our lawyering community is greater and for that reason I am a proud member of the CCBA. Since I practice in a very specific area of the law, I decided to join the CCBA and join the Continuing Education Committee to learn and stay current with other areas of the law. I was blessed to join a committee full of seasoned lawyers eager to share their knowledge and protect our profession. Their love for their trade and spirit of service inspired me to apply for this position. I pray you will allow me the opportunity to serve as a member of the Executive Board. My personal desire is to inspire our young lawyers, men and women, to explore all areas of the law with the same spirit of service of our seasoned generations. My hope is that through our different perspectives at the Executive Board, we will be able to represent our members and their needs.

Additional members of the 2023 CCBA Executive Board of Directors

Officers (terms to expire 12/31/2023):

  • President 2023: Brandon Kemble
  • President-Elect 2023: Paul Ray*
  • Secretary/Treasurer 2023:Joel Henriod*

Judicial Appointee (term to expire 2023): The Honorable Bita Yeager of Eighth Judicial District Court, Dept. 1

Directors (terms to expire 12/31/2023):

  • Mark Blackman* of Barrett Daffin Frappier Treder & Weiss
  • Annette Bradley* of B & B Realty Investment Group
  • Jacquelyn Franco* of Backus Carranza & Burden
  • James T. Leavitt* of Leavitt Legal Services, PC
  • Will Sykes* of Claggett & Sykes Law Firm

Ex Officio (term to expire 12/31/2023):

  • President 2022 Nedda Ghandi* of Ghandi Deeter Blackham Law Offices

*Denotes person currently serving on the board.

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