Legislative Update in re Land Use & Zoning – Bill # AB213

Read a short update submitted by Josh Hicks, Chair, Government Affairs & Advocacy Group, McDonald Carano LLP for the Communiqué (Sep. 2023).

By Josh Hicks, Chair, Government Affairs & Advocacy Group,, McDonald Carano LLP

Bill #AB213

AB213 makes various changes to Chapter 278 with respect to residential housing. It includes a declaration of legislative intent regarding the importance of a robust housing supply. It requires local governments to measure and publicize on their website the length of time land use applications are pending. Local governments must prepare an annual report addressing expected affordable and market rate housing needs. The bill prohibits local governments from using a preliminary application process to circumvent statutory time frames and requires specific explanations for applications rejected as incomplete. Finally, it requires the prioritization of applications for affordable housing projects.

Effective Date: January 1, 2024, for section 1.3; July 1, 2023, for all other sections

About the Legislative Updates

This issue of the Communiqué (Sep. 2023) features select updates related to recent legislation passed during the 82nd Session of the Nevada Legislature (2023). Authors were instructed to limit their submissions due to space constraints of the printed publication.

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