Leveraging Technology in Personal Injury Practice

Article written by Kenny Eliason and Dean M. Tingey published in the bar journal Communiqué (Apr. 2024)

By Kenny Eliason and Dean M. Tingey

Look – the personal injury law game has always been pretty cutthroat. To stay ahead, firms have to leverage the latest tech tools and solutions. I’m talking about more than just having a decent website. You need to integrate modern software and platforms into the core of your operations.

That is the only way to streamline processes, provide killer client service, and drive better results for your cases. Don’t sleep on the power of technology—it can be a total game-changer for PI practices willing to adapt.

Case management systems

These centralized platforms allow you to organize every detail on every case in one place—documents, deadlines, communications, you name it. No more scrambling to put out fires or missing critical dates.

With platforms like CASEpeer or Filevine, everything is consolidated and easily accessible whenever you need it. Meeting notes, medical records, photographs from the scene – it is all there at your fingertips. And automatic deadline tracking? Game over. Never miss another statute of limitations.

Having a cloud-based case management system means your whole team can access key info from anywhere. There are no more bottlenecks or waiting around because someone is out of the office with the physical file.

It’s like having an extra member on your team making sure everything is accounted for, and nothing slips through the cracks. Major efficiency boost.

Document automation

Drafting and formatting legal documents manually is for birds. Get some document automation software to templatize repetitive tasks like drafting demand letters, complaints, motions, etc. Just input the case specifics, and bang—a professional document is ready to go in seconds. It’s a huge time-saver.

No more wasting countless billable hours retyping the same boilerplate sections or dealing with formatting issues. The templates handle all that. You just fill in the variable details for that particular case. Automatic TOCs, numbering, citing—the works.

With doc automation, you know you are getting a consistent, high-quality product every time. No risking silly errors from tedious manual drafting. It frees you up to focus on the higher-level legal work. And the best news yet? If you’re using one of the modern case management systems, you likely have document automation already!

Client portals

Give your clients secure 24/7 access to their case materials through an online portal. They can see updates, documents, messages—everything. Transparency builds trust and keeps everyone informed throughout. With platforms like RECORD, offering such comprehensive access becomes even more straightforward, enhancing client satisfaction.

Gone are the days of clients bugging your paralegals for basic information or status checks. Now, clients have full visibility into what’s happening with their cases. Less hand-holding equals more time to focus on actual legal work.

But it’s not just about reducing hassles. Having an online client portal elevates the whole experience. Your clients feel like they are getting white-glove service, and you are using tech to make their lives easier during a stressful time.

Leveraging AI

The cutting-edge PI firms are even starting to explore ways to use artificial intelligence to work more efficiently, such as automated document analysis, legal research assistance, and even basic drafting tasks.

There are new emerging companies, like EvenUp, that are even using AI to do medical document analysis and automated demand generation. The time savings are incredible when you’re using the tools correctly.

However, it is crucial to exercise caution when relying on AI in the legal industry. There have been instances where AI chatbots have invented case citations or made-up legal cases altogether, leading to potential disciplinary action for lawyers who used them without proper verification. Always double-check AI-generated content against reliable sources to ensure accuracy and avoid ethical pitfalls.

AI won’t be replacing lawyers anytime soon. But it can be an incredibly powerful tool when leveraged properly. The firms figuring out how to capitalize on AI capabilities first are going to have a big leg up.
At the end of the day, tech integration isn’t just about being modern or looking cool. It directly impacts your bottom line as a PI firm. Streamlining operations means more productivity from your team. Better client experience means more referrals and positive reviews.

About the authors

Kenny Eliason, a Las Vegas entrepreneur, founded a successful marketing agency before co-founding RECORD. Combining his business acumen and passion for innovation, he now leads the development of transformative LegalTech solutions to revolutionize the client experience in personal injury law.

Dean M. Tingey, a dedicated personal injury attorney with over two decades of experience, built a high-tech law firm specializing in auto accidents. As co-founder of RECORD, he combines his legal expertise and passion for technology to drive innovative solutions that advance the field.

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