Membership Matters—My Pro Bono Story

Read this month’s Pro Bono Corner written by Ben Doyle.

By Ben Doyle

When I first started practicing in Nevada, I was fortunate to land at a firm with an outstanding managing partner. As the adage goes, law school may teach you how to think like a lawyer but not necessarily the practical aspects of being one. Despite my partner’s busy schedule, his door was always open.

I was truly inspired when I heard he volunteered as a Children’s Attorney Project (CAP) attorney. I learned about how the program provided a voice to voiceless children and its powerful impact on our community. Wanting to do the same, I started small by volunteering regularly as a moot court and mock trial scoring judge—an incredible experience I highly recommend.

I now mentor newer attorneys in my firm and still strive to make pro bono a part of my life. I will admit I was reluctant at first to seek out new opportunities outside of my practice area. Time is also scarce for us attorneys, as we know all too well. It is true what they say, however—if you wait for there to be enough time, that day will never come.
Joining the CCBA and attending various events throughout the year helped me see the light. I showed up alone to an event and left with a dozen new friends who inspired me to stay active in pro bono. I then joined the New Lawyers Committee, which I am now honored to co-chair.

I next learned about the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program and participated in a Will-A-Thon. I am also happy to report I recently took my first CAP case!

Whenever I provide feedback at a competition, help a local senior with their will, or visit with my CAP clients and see the impact just a few hours of my day can have, I am convinced there is no better use of my “free” time.

Membership matters because it allows like-minded attorneys to collaborate and provide much-needed services to a highly appreciative community. So get involved in the CCBA, attend events, and do pro bono!

About the author

Prior to focusing on industrial relations, Ben Doyle practiced general insurance/commercial litigation – from slips, trips, and falls to combating national insurance fraud rings. He is committed to providing top-notch client services, remaining careful and deliberate each step of the way from initial planning and strategizing through final resolution.

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