Legal Aid Can Help!

The client is short on funds but is facing a real crisis. You weigh your options, you want to help, but your caseload is crazy. You don’t have the time or resources to learn a new area of law. Ultimately, you decide to turn the client away. As they leave, you’re saddened and wonder, could you have done more to help this client? Read more in this installment of “Pro Bono Corner” written by Michael Wendlberger, Esq. (COMMUNIQUÉ, Apr. 2022)

Making a Difference in Special Education

Consider volunteering to become an Education Decision Maker through the Volunteer Education Advocate Project or representing a child through the Children’s Attorneys Project at Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. Read more about how Nevada lawyers can make a difference in this article written by Jonathan Norman, Esq. and Xavier B. Planta, Esq. (COMMUNIQUÉ, Mar. 2022)

Unlocking Education

The Children’s Attorneys Project (CAP) at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada represents children in foster care in Clark County, Nevada. With 29 staff attorneys and over 300 volunteer attorneys, nearly all of the estimated 3,000 children in foster care have legal representation. Read more in this installment of “Pro Bono Corner” written by Jonathan Norman, Esq. (COMMUNIQUÉ, Mar. 2022)

Empathy and Awareness Are Keys to Diversity and Inclusion

“Advice to law practices and companies seeking to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives and education included, avenues of information gathering, such as focus groups and anonymous surveys, to implementing programs for hiring, training, mentoring, and retention. As Judge Jones phrased it “It’s not a one time thing.” Read more from Senior Partner and the Partner-in-Charge of Murchison & Cumming, LLP’s Las Vegas office, in his article published in Pro Bono issue of the bar journal Communiqué (December 2021).