Five Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Pro Bono Project Opportunities

Learn about five programs for which Nevada lawyers are needed to help pro bono.

By Genevieve Galman, Esq.

  1. Appellate Pro Bono Program
    In the Appellate Pro Bono Program, attorneys can argue pro se appeal cases before the Supreme Court of Nevada or the Nevada Court of Appeals. This is a unique and valuable opportunity to help pro se litigants while honing advocacy skills and gaining experience handling appeals, with guaranteed oral argument in either the Nevada Supreme Court or the Nevada Court of Appeals.
  2. Federal Pro Bono Program
    Participating in the Federal Pro Bono Program, participants argue in federal court representing pro se litigants. This is an excellent opportunity to help a client in need while gaining more knowledge of federal law and experience in federal court.
  3. Partners in Pro Bono Program
    Attorneys with at least five years of experience work on pro bono cases with Boyd School of Law students. Partners in Pro Bono cases encompass family law, consumer law, probate, federal law, and appeals. Participating in this program allows participants to share their knowledge, help a law student sharpen their skills, and make a difference in the client’s life.
  4. Children’s Attorney Project
    Taking a Children’s Attorneys Project (CAP) case enables attorneys to represent children who have been abused or neglected, give them a voice, and ensure the child’s legal interests and rights are protected. Lawyers who take CAP cases get great satisfaction knowing that they made a difference in a child’s life.
  5. Ask-A-Lawyer Program
    In the Ask-A-Lawyer Program, attorneys provide free, brief consultations to unrepresented individuals with questions about legal issues relating to family law, guardianship, landlord/tenant, probate, estate planning, veterans’ benefits, criminal record sealing, immigration, consumer law, business law, small claims, and debt collection.

About the author

Genevieve Galman, Esq. is the Assistant Director of the Pro Bono Project at Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. Genevieve is passionate about promoting her law firm’s mission of providing access to justice for those who cannot afford it.

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