2024 Judicial Candidate: Judge Paul Gaudet

Learn about Judge Paul M. Gaudet, candidate for Judicial District Court, Family Division, Department N.
  • Judge Paul M. Gaudet
  • Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Division, Department N
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Judge Paul M. Gaudet has served Clark County as District Court Judge in Department N of the Family Court since March 2023. Judge Gaudet was appointed to that position by Governor Joe Lombardo.

Judge Gaudet is a 32-year resident of Clark County. He has three adult children, who were all raised here.

Judge Gaudet was licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada in 1992, and maintained his own law firm from 1992 until he took the bench in March 2023. His law practice focused on trial work, with emphasis on family/domestic issues. Judge Gaudet is a graduate of the Paul Herbert Law Center at Louisiana State University. He also graduated with a degree in accounting, and worked as an auditor/accountant for two years prior to attending law school.

Judge Gaudet is active in our community, believing strongly in philanthropy. He serves as a board member of The Gentleman’s League, a non-profit organization focusing on children’s and Veteran’s causes in the Las Vegas Valley.

Judge Gaudet believes in fair, impartial, efficient, and expeditious resolution of family issues pending before his Court. Every litigant deserves to be heard. Every child deserves a loving and caring relationship with his/her parents.

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