Not All News From The Southern Nevada Health District Is COVID-19 Related

With the COVID-19 response entering its third year, Health District staff can refocus on public health, as a whole. To that end, the environmental health division of the Southern Nevada Health District has been diligently working behind the scenes and is ready to make updates to several regulations. Read more in this informative piece written by Heather Anderson-Fintak, Esq. and Ed Wynder, Esq. (COMMUNIQUÉ, Apr. 2022)

Commissions & Committees: Another Aspect of The Supreme Court of Nevada

These committees and commissions are taking on a wide variety of tasks, including standardizing court practices and procedures, improving litigants’ access to justice, and improving judicial administration. I take this opportunity to provide an update on three commissions that may be of particular interest. Read more in this installment of “View from the Bench” written by Justice Ron Parraguirre (COMMUNIQUÉ, Apr. 2022)

Legal Aid Can Help!

The client is short on funds but is facing a real crisis. You weigh your options, you want to help, but your caseload is crazy. You don’t have the time or resources to learn a new area of law. Ultimately, you decide to turn the client away. As they leave, you’re saddened and wonder, could you have done more to help this client? Read more in this installment of “Pro Bono Corner” written by Michael Wendlberger, Esq. (COMMUNIQUÉ, Apr. 2022)
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