District Court Administrative Order 23-02 to Establish Committee to Examine Minor Guardianship Case Type

On February 22, 2023, an order in the matter of the formation of a committee to examine the minor guardianship case type was filed in the Eighth Judicial District Court. See Administrative Order 23-02.

Clark County Court Order Modifying Guardianship Procedures and Assignment of Minor’s Compromise Proceedings

On 12/22/2021, the Eighth Judicial District Court (EJDC) filed an order in the administrative matter of interim procedures for the probate department. See Administrative Order 21-08.

Eighth Judicial District Court Order Modifies Case Assignments, Suspends Local Guardianship Rules

Effective January 4, 2021, the order modifies case assignments for many judicial departments, lists the Criminal In-Custody Calendars, Criminal Out-Custody Calendars, and Lower Level Arraignment Schedule, and modifies certain provisions of Administrative Order 18-09 and removes minor guardianship cases from the “one judge, one family” rules.
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