2024 CCBA Executive Board of Directors Election Info (Amended)

This notice is amended to include statements from each of the candidates in the contested race. See below.

This notice is amended to include statements from each of the candidates in the contested race. See below.

On Thursday, December 14, 2023, the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) will hold the election for the 2024 CCBA Executive Board of Directors on the same day of the CCBA Annual Meeting & Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. This year’s ballot includes one uncontested race and one contested race. The uncontested race features five incumbents running to retain their seats on the board. The contested race features three nominees vying for one open position on the board.

The open position was created from the appointment of a current director to serve as secretary/treasurer for the organization next year. Attorney members are invited to cast their vote electronically by visiting https://clarkcountybar.org on the day of the event or by absentee ballot before December 14, 2023. See below for more information about the candidates, polling information, absentee ballots, and additional members of the CCBA Executive Board of Directors.

Candidates (terms to expire 12/31/2025):
Vote for any (one or more) to retain their current seat:

  • Annette Bradley* – Retired
  • Joshua Dresslove* of Dresslove Law
  • Jacquelyn Franco* of Backus Burden
  • Alia Najjar* of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP
  • Michael Nunez* of Murchison & Cumming, LLP

Candidates (term to expire 12/31/2025):
Vote for only one to fill one vacant seat:

  • Benjamin Doyle of Hooks Meng & Clement, PLLC
  • Jeffrey Luszeck of Solomon Dwiggins & Freer, Ltd.
  • Michael Wendlberger of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

Statements from candidates in contested race:

Benjamin Doyle, NV Bar # 15210:

Benjamin is an Associate at Hooks, Meng & Clement. Prior to joining HM&C to focus on Industrial Relations, Benjamin practiced Insurance/Commercial Litigation.

He is a current member of the Clark County Bar Association in good standing and serves as co-chair for the New Lawyers Committee. He is passionate about volunteering and has recently gotten involved in the Children’s Attorney Project taking on pro bono cases.

If elected, Benjamin plans to carry his commitment to providing top-notch client services to his work on the Executive Board. He has extensive prior committee experience from his time with the California Department of Health Care Services. While there, he joined the Disability Advisory Committee and eventually became the chair of that committee and one of its subcommittees focusing on veterans with disabilities.

It is not always easy working to make everyone feel heard, but that challenge has always excited Benjamin. He will bring in-depth analysis and inventive problem-solving to get desired results, always taking the time to think before acting.

Outside of work, Benjamin enjoys playing league volleyball with friends. Being a part of a team, sharing responsibilities, and celebrating successes recreationally reinforces the importance of professional teamwork.

Jeffrey P. Luszeck, NV Bar #9619:

My name is Jeff Luszeck and I am hereby nominating myself to serve as a member of the 2024 CCBA Executive Board. I am a partner at the law firm of Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman, Ltd. and my primary of practice is trust and estate litigation.

I am currently a CCBA member in good standing. I have previously participated in/served on a number of different CCBA committees including the Community Service Committee and CLE Committee. I have presented a number of CLE’s for the CCBA, authored articles for the Communique and participated in numerous CCBA events. My participation in CCBA resulted in me being awarded CCBA’s Volunteer of the Year in 2019. I have made a concerted effort to begin attending all CCBA activities in 2023. I recently attended the luncheon at Citi National Arena, the Meet Your Judges Mixer. I am also signed up to attend CCBA’s Annual Meeting & Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

Given my background I believe I would be able to provide a unique perspective to the CCBA Executive Board. I look forward to hearing from you and am available to answer any questions regarding my qualifications.

Michael Wendlberger, NV Bar # 14315C:

Why the CCBA? The CCBA brings together local attorneys in a space where we can get to know each other outside the courtroom. I want to join the board to help expand our membership throughout Clark County. I think many attorneys in our community would join the CCBA if they only knew how incredible the organization is.

I want to ensure all members have a voice in our organization and its future growth. I’ve been an attorney for fourteen years and have experience in private practice and working for a nonprofit. I am currently on four CCBA committees and serve as the chair of the CLE committee. I enjoy each committee and encourage those who have not joined a committee to get involved. Each committee is designed with a specific function in mind to support its members and the community as a whole.

The CCBA provides an opportunity for community engagement, collaboration between attorneys, and professional growth. With a few hours of your time, you can make a difference. I want to continue the great things the CCBA offers to its members and work to continue its growth in our community.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Polling information for CCBA’s election day:

Attorney members may cast their ballot electronically by visiting https://clarkcountybar.org (https://clarkcountybar.org/2024-ccba-executive-board-ballot/) on December 14, 2023.

Absentee ballot information:

Attorney members who cannot submit a ballot on December 14, 2023 (as outlined above), may mail, fax, or email a completed absentee ballot declaration and a ballot during a period of five (5) business days preceding the date of the Clark County Bar Luncheon and Annual Meeting to Clark County Bar Association, 717 S. 8th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, Fax (702) 387-7867, or Email Executive Director Donna Wiessner at DonnaW@ClarkCountyBar.org.

Declarations and ballots will be available from the CCBA’s website as an electronic file to download from https://clarkcountybar.org, and upon request from the CCBA.

*Denotes person currently serving on the board.


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