Las Vegas Justice Court Order Amends Procedures for Processing Eviction Cases

On August 20, 2020, the Las Vegas Justice Court filed an order in the administrative matter regarding suspension of JCRLV 34(f)(3)(B), a rule that requires a tenant filing an affidavit in answer to a landlord’ s notice of eviction to include a copy of the original eviction notice, unless the tenant signs an unsworn declaration to indicate that the notice has been lost or destroyed. See Administrative Order #20-17 in re Suspension of JCRLV 34(f)(3)(B). 

The order cites the court’s efforts to streamline a tenant’s ability to electronically file during COVID-19 pandemic and the current capabilities of Odyssey’ s Guide & File program. The order amends current procedures for processing eviction cases to alleviate the need for the tenant to include a copy of the original eviction notice. The order became effective immediately.

For more information in regards to recent updates to procedure at the Las Vegas Justice Court, visit their website at http://www.lasvegasjusticecourt.us/faq/laws_and_rules.php.

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