Las Vegas Justice Court Admin Order #24-02

Court order regarding deposit of funds for civil jury trials filed on February 8, 2024, effective immediately.

On February 8, 2024, Las Vegas Justice Court’s Chief Justice of the Peace Cynthia Cruz filed an order regarding “Deposit of Funds for Civil Jury Trials.” See Administrative Order #24-02. The order revises the amount for the standard jury deposit to $395, became effective immediately, and “shall apply to all demands for jury trial filed on or after the date of this Order.” Administrative Order #24-02 supersedes Administrative Order #2005—CI—1 which is no longer in effect.

For more information and to learn about Las Vegas Justice Court rules and administrative orders, visit their website at https://www.lasvegasjusticecourt.us/laws_and_rules___administrative_orders.php.

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