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“We all like challenges, and today, I invite you to join the State Bar of Nevada’s Section Pro Bono Challenge.” Learn more from this installment of “Pro Bono Corner” written by Paola Armeni, Esq.

We all like challenges, and today, I invite you to join the State Bar of Nevada’s Section Pro Bono Challenge. The challenge period is now through May.

This competition is open to every section of the State Bar. The contest will run now through May. The winning section will be honored at the State Bar annual conference in New York City. In addition, the State Bar will feature the winning section in social media and in Nevada Lawyer. And there’s more; the top volunteer from each of the top ten sections wins lunch with the Supreme Court of Nevada and the Nevada Court of Appeals. But don’t worry, there is also a benefit for just participating. Participants will be invited to a reception with either the Eighth or Second Judicial District Court Judges.

To participate in the challenge, visit the State Bar’s website to signup online and select your preferred legal aid provider; Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Nevada Legal Services, Northern Nevada Legal Aid, Southern Nevada Senior Law Program, or Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans.

Please encourage CCBA members who also members of a State Bar of Nevada Section to get involved in pro bono. Pro bono participation is crucial to expanding access to justice in Nevada.

If you are worried you don’t have time to take a case, signup for an Ask-A-Lawyer session or donate to expand access to justice.

Your service and donations during the challenge period now through May will count towards your section’s percent participation for recognition, and signing up online during the challenge period for pro bono service completed this year will also count.

Take the Section Pro Bono Challenge

Together we can make change. Thanks!

About the author

Paola Armeni

Paola Armeni, Esq. is president of the State Bar of Nevada and managing partner of the Las Vegas office of Clark Hill LLP. Paola provides pro bono in Child Advocacy Project cases, sealing criminal records and 1983 civil rights cases through the Federal Pro Bono Program. In 2012, Paola received the distinguished Myrna Williams Pro Bono Award by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Center. She has been recognized multiple times as a member of the Legal Aid Center 50 hour and 100 hour club for her donated service. Paola also serves as a CAP mentor to attorneys who take on new CAP cases.

About this article: This article was originally published in Communiqué, the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association, (Mar. 2023). See https://clarkcountybar.org/member-benefits/communique-2023/communique-mar-2023/.

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